Angharad McColl – Hathi

Angharad began her time in the scouting community at a young age.

Beginning brownie guides at 7 years. Though after tagging along to cub events with her brother, it was clear, they were having much more fun and decided to join cubs at 7 and a half. And she has never looked back.

When she first started cubs, as quite a shy and timid child, the scouting movement and all that goes along with it helped her to grow.

Quickly progressing to becoming a Second and a Sixer in cubs, whilst bringing many others along to get involved, she then moved into assistant patrol and patrol leader positions, taking it in her stride she flourished ,all thanks to the experiences scouts provides.

With many camps, hikes, ANZAC day parades and community events alike it brought Angharad to love the community aspect of scouting. Every market day, she could be found at the 1st Red Hill Scouts; scones and billy tea stall at the Red Hill Market. Manning a till, stoking a fire or jamming scones. From dawn set-up until end of day clean up and everywhere in between, always ready to give a helping hand.

After Cubs, Angharad progressed through Scouts and half way through Venturers which is when she started helping out the Cub leaders every Wednesday night, adopted her cub name (Hathi, an elephant from the Jungle book) and has been leading ever since.

When moving to Warrnambool for University she took a year off from being a leader. A year later, a fellow scouting pal ,Aaron, also moved down and pushed for them both to get involved again. At an ANZAC day parade, Aaron, marched up to the biggest group offering them a Cub and a Scout leader, much the same way Angharad did when waltzing into the 10th Caulfield Scout hall and they too were elated.  With a 30 strong cub pack she stayed on at Warrnambool Tooram for around 3 years. Then spent some months overseas, where she also got the chance to see a few other Cub and Beaver (Welsh Cubs) packs in Ireland and the UK in action.

Though scouting was not her only volunteer position. Time was shared with the Great Victorian Bike Ride and Riding for the Disabled, Scouts was always her first love and passion.

When Angharad moved back to Melbourne she decided to jump right back in and is loving it.


Angharad is returning to her Scout training and plans to become a fully trained Cub leader.

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