Code of Conduct

Expectations of Each Member

  • All members are to respect other individuals. This includes other members, Leaders and anyone associated with 10th Caulfield Scout Group and the wider Scouting community. All members are to avoid behaviour that causes physical or mental distress and/or discomfort to others (e.g. teasing, name-calling, verbal abuse, physical, mental or cyber bullying, inappropriate touching, harassing others because of their gender, beliefs or physical appearance etc.).
  • All members are to wear the approved Scout uniform when and where applicable. All members should be clean and dressed neatly and correctly at every meeting and wear the full uniform at all Parades.
  • All members should be dropped off and picked up on time. This includes weekly meetings and any camps or events. All members are to be dropped off and picked up from the foyer of the Scout Hall and not in the street.
  • All members are to hand in any application forms and/or monies applicable for camps, activities or subscriptions by the due date shown at the start of that meeting. This will also show consideration by informing the Section Leader of attendance or unavailability to a camp or activity.
  • Youth members are not permitted to possess alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs as these are strictly prohibited.
  • All members are to respect and be courteous to the Leaders at all times. It should be appreciated that Leaders are volunteering their free time to ensure the betterment of Scouting at 10th Caulfield Scout Group.

Expectations of Behaviour

  • Everyone should act in a manner that is accepted suitable for his or her age. Members should always listen whilst others are talking. Members should not disrupt the group whilst instructions are given.
  • All games are designed for each member to participate and have fun. This should be in a non-violent and non-abusive manner.

The Right To Express One’s Point of View

  • Everyone has the right to express his or her point of view providing it is respectful. It should be truthful and objective. All members should give others a fair hearing and be respectful of their opinions.

Each Members Rights

  • To enjoy Scouting in a non-threatening environment and be treated with respect, understanding and courtesy.
  • To feel secure in the Scouting environment.
  • To respect everyone’s privacy.

Consequences of Misconduct

  • If, in the case of The Code being broken, the Section Leader in consultation with the Group Leader (if available) will take appropriate action. This will be in accordance to the nature of misconduct and previous behaviour of the member/s involved as set out below;
    1. Step One: Section Leader will discuss situation with all involved youth members and the Group Leader.
    2. Step Two: If Step One has not rectified the situation then parents will be contacted and involved in discussions with the Section Leader and their involved child/children.
    3. Step Three: If Step One and Two has not rectified the situation, at the discretion of the Group Leader, the offending member will be automatically suspended from involvement with the Group for between 1 – 3 months depending on the severity of the behaviour.
  • In a case where the welfare of a member/s is violated, parents/guardians will be contacted and the appropriate action will be taken to ensure a safe, non-threatening and non-abusive environment is restored in the Section.


This Code of Conduct incorporates the philosophy of Scouting by following the Promise and Law as set out by Scouts Australia. The Promise and Law should be adhered to at all times whilst in uniform and participating in any Scouting related events including meetings, camps and activities.

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