10th Caulfield first started in 1952 catering to the Jewish youth of the local community. When the original Scout Hall was destroyed by fire on 2nd November 1958 it was then rebuilt to what you see today. It was formally re-opened on November 1st 1959 by Rabbi Danglow and various government and Scouting dignitaries.

10th Caulfield Scout Group offers the best Scouting available and this is supported by regular acknowledgement from the Scout Association by way of various recognitions and awards including the “Quality Scouting Award”.

We take pride in our Scout Hall. It undergoes regular maintenance to keep it up to the high standard that we have become accustomed to. Miller Street was blocked off in 1982 and although, at the time, we objected to the closure, we have found that it is far safer for our members to arrive and depart without fearing speeding flow through traffic.

Scouting was originally a “boys only” organisation, but pressure to allow girls to join was finally granted in 1990. 10th Caulfield Scout Group started accepting girls in 1997 and we have never looked back. Although the number of girls fluctuate, we now have a healthy amount of both boys and girls in all Sections.

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