Scout Groups are headed by a Group Leader who is responsible for the total function of the Group. The Group Leader is supported by a Parent Committee, headed by a Group Chairman. The Committee members consists of parents, like yourselves, who assist in maintaining Group property and help support the financial structure and stability of the Group through fundraising initiatives. The Parent Committee also has an input into the successful running of the Group and its Sections.

The Leaders are made up of Section Leaders and their Assistants. Leaders are adults who enjoy and want to contribute towards the betterment of the youth of our community. 10th Caulfield Scout Group is fortunate to have a history of long standing superior leadership which directly reflects in the quality Scouting that we offer. The Section Leader is the first point of contact should a member or parent have any queries or concerns with their Scouting. The Group Leader is also available to assist in any matters concerning members or membership.

10th Caulfield Scout Group has three Sections being  Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venturers. Cubs and Scouts meet at our hall whilst the combined Venturer Unit, known as 28th Glen Eira Venturers, which is made up of members from 10th Caulfield and 15th Brighton Scout Groups, meet at another hall. Other Venturer Units endorsed by 10th Caulfield are available on request. We also support Rover Crews and can supply contact details accordingly.

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