How to Join

Interested in joining 10th Caulfield Scout Group?

Want to experience the fun and excitement of being a Scout member?

First thing to do is contact our Group via email or phone. Do mention the age of your child or children as this will help determine which section is best suited.

Your email go to our group leader who will then contact you.

If there is a vacancy, your child will be able to try out for couple of weeks. Parents may stay during these first couple of nights. Be prepared to fill in a registration form during or after week 1.

If you wish to join, you will need to pay the required Group fees, purchase your child’s uniform (from Vast/Snowgum), and then they will be invested at the soonest possible opportunity. Note: the uniform cannot be worn until your child is invested.

At 10th Caulfield we are a community. Parent’s are expected to become active members in that community. We are all volunteers and your added support makes Scouting better for your children.


Step Action Time
STEP ONE Complete a prospective member form online to start a 3 night trial.
Contact the Group Leader with your child’s age and name and a form will be sent to you.
STEP TWO Your child  may attend up to least 3 nights for free to determine if they enjoy it and scouts is for them. Parents may attend with the child during this period. Weeks 1 to 3
STEP THREE Notify the section leader that your child wishes to join.
You will receive an invoice which is the Group Fee.
Once paid Scouts Victoria will send you an online invitation to sign up. Please provide all the information required. You’ll be asked to create a Operoo profile (if you don’t already have one) which stores health information about your child.
Once this is complete your leader will contact you to schedule the investiture ceremony.
STEP FOUR (Cubs only) Complete New Chum program for 6 weeks where your child will wear a white scarf. Weeks 4 to 10
STEP FIVE Obtain a uniform. (Details will be provided to you closer to the time)  
STEP SIX Investiture. This is a formal ceremony to mark entry into Scouting and the section.
Parents and extended family are welcome and encouraged to come along and take photos.
The next opportunity after your child has their uniform