Privacy Policy

Upon your son/daughter joining Scouts Australia – Victorian Branch (“the Branch”), and 10th Caulfield Scout Group, you agreed to us collecting personal and sensitive data for the purposes disclosed in the Branch Privacy Policy, and you acknowledged a similar understanding and agreement in your capacity as the Parent or Guardian of that member. Photos of your child/children participating in Scouting events  including meetings, camps and activities may be used for promotional purposes. You may “Opt Out” by way of written communication to both the Section and Group Leader’s which will be acknowledged. As a part of Scouts Australia – Victorian Branch, 10th Caulfield Scout Group observes the Branch Privacy Policy, which may be viewed at the Branch website at  or is available from the Group Leader or Group Chairman.

10th Caulfield Scout Group will not use your personal and sensitive information for any reason that you would not reasonably expect it to be used. You have certain legislated rights of access to the personal and sensitive information being held in respect of you or your child and you may exercise those rights of access by contacting the Group Leader. You can also contact us by email at:

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