Harpatkah Rover Crew is an extension of 10th Caulfield, and also caters for all the Jewish Scout groups, including 10th Caulfield.

Rover Scouts is the final section of the ‘path’ to adult life with a strong focus on community engagement and social inclusion. Rovering develops leadership abilities and mateship by empowering Rover Scouts to run their own activities.

Rovers are for young adults aged 17-25.

Moots are the pinnacle Rover event. A moot is a social gathering of Rovers from throughout a state, national or international with the focus of a few weeks of fun, adventure and sharing of life experiences. These too are run and managed by Rovers!

To become a part of the adventure check out the Join Rovers section!


When do we meet?

Tuesdays, meet at 7:45pm to start at 8pm, and go until 10pm.
26 Avoca Avenue, Elwood.
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For more information contact the group leader.