ARAP Awards 2014

Check out all the awards given to our wonderful cubs and scouts at our recent 2014 ARAP. Thanks to all for attending.


Cub Scouts Awards

Most Improved Cub Scout

Josh Kanarek

Highest Achievement

Aidan Silver

1st Year In Cub Scouts

Samuel Lipkin

Akela Award

Aiden King

Cub Scout Of The Year


2014 Six Of The Year


Name                     Title            Medallion

Natasha Redlich       Sixer                Gold

Dara Second              Silver

Nathan Vainer                                Bronze

Samuel Lipkin                                 Bronze

Jamie Mooseek                                Bronze

Josh Spiegel                                Bronze


Scouts Awards

Most Consistent Scout

Julian Green

Most Enthusiastic Scout

Daniel Lindros

Ashley Morris

Most Improved Scout

Cal Segeal

Outdoor Scout Award

Adam Kaplan

1st Year In Scouts

Jessica Kaplan

Scout Leader Award

Jamie Rosenbaum

Encouragement Award

Eytan Cohen

Scout Of The Year

Gabe Braverman

2014 Patrol Of The Year


Name                   Title           Medallion

Adam Kaplan           P.L.                   Gold

Sassone Brott       A.P.L.                 Silver

Annaliese Redlich                          Bronze

Ashley Morris                               Bronze