Cohen Shield – 2015

Scouts participated in the Cohen Shield camp this weekend past. The weather was perfect for all the fun.

This report from Jess Kaplan…

When we got there, we unpacked the trailer, put the food into the trailer, set up the kitchen and dining tables and put up the tents. Ben then went home, we drank hot chocolate and went to bed. When we woke up, Julian’s patrol made pancakes for breakfast (which were delicious). After breakfast we had activities. They were First Aid (where we had to know what to do in an emergency (which was a broken leg and shock, maybe bleeding)), Cooking (where we made a giant ANZAC cookie), Navigation (we followed directions using a compass), Campcraft (where we had to plan a 4-day hike for 2 soldiers in WW1 including all of the stuff that they were going to take, where they were going to sleep, and where they could get water), Archery, Laser Tag, and BMX. That was spread over Sunday morning and Saturday. In between them we had sandwiches for lunch, hot chocolate, Swiss roll and custard for desert, a disco, campfire and canteen on Saturday night.

We received a Silver and a Gold pennant at Cohen Shield – a huge achievement!

Sascha’s 11th Birthday was on Sunday!

Gabe got his shower parade (farewell to Scouts) and Gary got him big time!! See below.