Cohen Shield 2017

Our Scouts are back from a competition camping weekend at Bay Park campsite at Mt. Martha. The Cohen Shield is an annual event where Scouts from the whole district converge on Scout camp sites throughout Victoria, competing in various challenges over the weekend, and being scored for teamwork, cooperation, attitude and successful completion of many tasks.

We achieved gold and silver pennants this year! Which is a marvelous achievement.  The patrol system is well at work on these weekends, where the more experienced Scouts help the newer scouts with tasks, and impart important skills and knowledge in the process. So although we strive for gold, the most important part is we work together as a patrol and help our younger members become the future patrol leaders and experienced Scouts. That is where the gold is! Well done to the patrols and to Sascha and Jess for leading so fully and competently. Gary and Tristan were extremely proud of all of you this weekend.

Special mentions to Jasmine, Jaida and Sam for completing their first ever competition camp, and to Blake who joined us from 6th Caulfield.

Lastly a big Thank you to Gary and to Tristan for giving up your weekend to help get our Scouts to this amazing event.