Meet Our latest Grey Wolf – Dara

We’d like to congratulate Dara on achieving the Grey Wolf award. This is the pinnacle award in cubs. With the support of family and our former Akela Roy Kaplan Dara was able to complete all the requirements. The final requirement being to plan and lead a 2 hour bush hike on her own with 4 other cubs and Akela supervising.

Dara’s achievement has been acknowledged in a special ceremony at our hall as well as sharing in a Melbourne wide event where 50 Grey wolf cubs were recognised for this marvellous milestone.   We encourage all our cubs and scouts to aim high for these pinnacle awards. They not only build character and are recognised by the wider community, but they are also fun to complete.

Dara said her the best part of doing the Grey Wolf was the hike. The planning meant that she was able to spend special time with her family practising her navigation skills in the outdoors and the hike was fun as she was in nature with her cub friends. They even saw wild kangaroos!  Well done Dara.

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